Keeping Firefox Minimal

December 29th, 2009

Many people who use netbooks are looking for ways to minimize their browsers to ensure they have the most screen real estate available on their computers. The best way to do this is to use the Firefox browser, which will allow you to install many addons to help reduce the amount of the actual browser you see on your screen, while maximizing the amount of page you see. Here is a list of addons which help hide pieces of your browser:

1. Personal Menu – This addon is valuable for getting rid of the File, Menu, etc buttons, as they take up an entire bar and aren’t used that often. Instead, they’re placed in a small drop down menu with a picture which you can add to your address bar.

2. Tabs On Top – Tabs on top is a great addon to reduce the amount of space your tabs take up, while moving them on top of the address bar.

3. Hide Statusbar – The statusbar is usually only useful for watching pages load, so hiding it can save valuable screen real estate.

4. Fission Bar – Because you’re hiding your status bar, you may want to see the loading bar as you load pages. This adds a bar to your address bar which fills up as the page loads, similar to Safari.

5. Combine Stop/Reload – There’s no need in having these two buttons separate, as you can’t use one while using the other. This simple addon combines the two buttons of any style, which means you have more space available to you.

6. Omnibar – Omnibar combines your search bar with your address bar, and features support for all of the major search engines. If you want to target a search engine which is not your normal engine, you simply use the @ symbol. (Example: @Yahoo Search Query)